Monday, June 17, 2013

The new face of Natur-al-Andalus

After a year's absence we return with a purpose. Each post will consist of a photograph taken by one of us and a brief description. Our aim is to slowly build up an archive of images of the species which we are finding  in the fossil record of the Gibraltar Caves. For information on those caves and the work being done there visit our sister blog at

Here's a Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos photographed recently by Stewart. This species is frequent in the levels at Gorham's Cave and was a component of the fauna at the time of the Neanderthals (60-31.5 thousand years ago). It most likely nested on the cliffs of Gibraltar and hunted on the plains which are now submerged. In a recent paper we showed that the Neanderthals took these birds for their feathers.


  1. Buena idea eso de mostrar las especies actuales que también aparecen en el registro fósil de la caverna Gorham; es un excelente complemento de lo que leí en el libro El sueño del Neandertal, para tener una idea más concisa de los seres que habitaban en esa época
    La foto es espectacular, muy buen aceramiento

  2. muchisimas gracias Hernan, y me alegro hayas leido el libro. Saludos, Clive

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